Brand of the moment: Surf Perimeters is a premium surf-lifestyle brand connecting the city and  the surfing scene. Work and play. Smart and casual. You could even say, the brand explores the concept of yin and yang.

Their collections are a nod to those who work hard and play hard, with inherently versatile, refined and practical products, that can navigate changing environments on a daily basis.

Modern lines and stylish designs make up the SP brand and allow a surfer or even someone who has never picked up a board before, to fit in and feel a part of this growing global community. We don’t often see a brand associated with extreme sports, cross over so well in to the street wear scene and they have certainly done that here. The product quality is dope, from technical fabrics to staple sweaters, they have put out a sound collection.

C wears the “in the pocket” tee and “Dual” Raglan crew sweater. J wears the “Icon” sweater, while also sporting the “The Stealth” jacket and “Endeavour” technical tee.