Brand of the Moment: Born in a small town in Texas many moons ago, evolving into what has become a globally recognised workwear brand, Dickies has had a long history and even longer reputation in the apparel industry. Initially starting out as brand solely focused on manufacturing overalls, they quickly became synonymous with quality and functionality and it wasn’t long before they became a 90’s streetwear hit.

Initially donned by teenage skateboarders, soon the wider american youth started rocking that famous logo in oversize baggy fits. Co-signs from megastars of the 90’s like Justin Timberlake, NSYNC and Madonna, saw Dickies popularity skyrocket to a brand that still holds serious clout today.

We brought that old school American flair to an estate in East London, with the sunset complimenting the famous red and orange logo nicely.

J wears the Rotonda South Shirt in Navy with Chinos, while C wears the Harrison Sweater in White with a Burgundy Chino Short. Both wear Vans Originals.