Brand of The Moment: Matt & Nat standing for ‘Material + Nature’ is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable brands we have yet come across. They cut through the noise of sustainable production with bags and accessories that remain fresh, unique and most importantly vegan.

Founded in 1995, M&N looked at how the two most important factors of production are brought together, in order to make accessories that are truly environmentally and animal friendly. They have never used or sourced traditional animal materials, moving in favour of recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, cork and plastic bottles.

In the age we now live in, we understand that factory farming is becoming a real problem world-wide and consumption levels globally are sky-rocketing, so it is important to see brands like M&N go against the grain, stay true to their Canadian roots and develop products that provide a solution to this growing problem. Not only this, but their bags, holdalls, backpacks and even pencil cases remain stylish, elegant and oozing of premium quality.

We shot two of their most popular items, C wearing The Sydney in black teamed with the wavy short from Salasai Man and J holding The George in black too. We found they complemented any look well, especially when you want to show off that extra touch of class.