Brand of the Moment: Patagonia is a different type of brand. One that doesn’t just talk about the environment and how it can help. Their whole ethos is sustainability and responsibility first, style and aesthetic second. Make no mistake though, they are one incredibly cool brand. From starting off as an extremely innovative climbing apparel company, to now having legions of fans from streetwear to surfing, they have become a true giant in the fashion scene. Not only do people want to rock their garments, but they know doing so is helping the planet one tee or jacket at a time. Since 1996, all of Patagonia’s products use organic cotton and new recycled materials continue to be their number one focus. Not many brands can say the same.

We really feel Patagonia’s mission statement to create the best product, cause no unnecessary harm and use their position to find solutions to environmental issues around the world. A brand that put this at the forefront of everything they do, will lead the way for similar brands to do the same and in turn create a better world for all of us.

The Barbican Conservatory provides J and C a perfect backdrop to rock the classic P-6 Logo tee in among nature itself.