Brand of the Moment: PUMA is as iconic as they come, with shoes that have been around for decades and style that has continued to inspire generations and sub-cultures alike. The famous brand brought out the equally recognisable PUMA Suede, synonymous with B-Boyism and early hip-hop culture.

Break-dancers, DJ’s and rappers of the early 70’s used to prefer the clean, fresh silhouette the Suede offered and they quickly became the go to shoe of the hip-hop era. Fast forward almost 50 years and here we are with the Suede silhouette still as fresh as ever and one that has lasted the test of time.

The PUMA Suede is 50 next year and our collaboration sees STOA showcasing the suede in a setting that highlights its iconic yet future-forward status. The shoe shows no signs of ageing and if we look that good by 50.. we’ll be very lucky men indeed.

Cop the PUMA Suede here.