Brand of the Moment: Puma has continued to keep the sneaker game on it’s toes with each release and their latest, sees them going back to the archives. Their classic running silhouette from 1986, serves as the framework for their wavy new runners, all in an “Archive Green” colorway. Think nostalgia and futurism and we arrive at the above.

The RS-0 and RS-350 draw on Puma’s original running technology, ahead of it’s time in the 80’s but perfectly timely now and cushion the feet with ease. While they don’t record your track times like they used too.. who even wears runners to ‘run’ anymore? They’re for stunting ‘pon them!

Clean lines, crisp edges and metallic shapes gave the RS-0 and RS-350 a standout edge on the streets of London. C wears the RS-0 while J rocks the electric RS-350’s.