Brand of the Moment: The last few years have seen the sneaker game vastly influenced by the creations of some of the most illustrious high end fashion houses to grace our catwalks. Brands like Raf Simons, Gucci, Vetements and Prada have all come to the forefront, with designs that have hypebeasts and fashion connoisseurs queuing around the block in equal measure to purchase. Arguably the king of this new wave sneaker trend is Balenciaga, who have really lead the pack in regard to opulent style and luxury sneakers.

This Balenciaga Speed Trainer exudes cool and is seen as a key staple in the luxury sneaker market. Paired alongside equally on trend side stripe track pants, the whole look is contemporary cool and stand out swag. Set against a dramatic stone backdrop, we wanted to capture the striking aesthetic such a runner affords the wearer. We believe J looks overtly swaggy indeed.

J wears Balenciaga Speed Trainers, DSRCV pants, WEEKDAY hoody and coat from personal collection.