Brand of the Moment: We’ve been rocking CAT footwear since the summer and they continue to be as rugged and as versatile as ever. The end of 2017 saw CAT launch their ‘Go Boldly’ campaign with a range of new styles and colorways aimed at the urban commuter and seasoned adventurer.

With a key staple on our feet, we chose to pair our individually chosen CAT’s with an equally iconic and versatile outdoor classic, the Barbour jacket. Tied together with classic blue denim, we set this look against an old English street to showcase the character of both fits.

The Deplete is fully waterproof – which, given this country loves a downpour, ensures your feet stay bone dry. They also look smart and are surprisingly comfortable. The CAT Chronicle mixes style with functionality for urban exploration and continued adventure.

C wears the CAT Chronicle Boot in black, with a timeless waxed cotton Jacket, while J wears the  Deplete Waterproof in black and iconic quilted jacket.