Brand Like: Cheap Monday is the cool, edgy younger cousin of H&M and oozes a rebellious and youthful aesthetic which appeals to the modern city dweller giving 0 f*cks and enjoying life.

Known for their key denim fits, they have recently launched their 130 BPM collection.. the tagline “On a scale of rave to rave, how much do you rave?”. Clearly driven by European electro/techno/house raves that feature heavily with smoke and lasers, the collection has captured the energy of the night and brought it to easily accessible and affordable garments.

From baggy worn out jeans to printed tees, the collection has a bit of everything and ensures you do not blend in to the crowd. The graphics themselves are particularly eye-catching and follow a neon theme blowing up in streetwear at the moment.

J wears the Refuse Grid OMDB LS tee, while C rocks the Mega Unliving Rave Hood. Check out the collection here.