The Thunder Collection

As the ‘Dad’ shoe continues to be the design of choice for many sneaker brands these days (everyone seems to have one out), Puma have recently released the Puma Thunder; a chunky silhouette of their own which is refreshingly different, bold and unique.

When the Puma Thunder Spectra launched earlier this year, everyone noticed. With loud colour-blocking, bright accents and innovative material mixes, the Spectra looked new, edgy and certainly contemporary, while hailing former designs from previous partnerships with the late Alexander McQueen. Puma was arguably ahead of it’s time with this particular collaboration and it feels as if they have outdone themselves again, going toe-to-toe with more expensive fashion house’s own take on the trend.

Fast forward to the fall and we now have a new colourway aptly named the “Puma Desert”, which presents the same chunky silhouette in a subdued colour palette. The minimalist nature of this sneaker, allows for easy styling with a number of different upcoming fall/winter looks, while making a bold statement all on their own.

While they look great, they also have key tech-features synonymous with Puma, keeping feet superbly well-balanced and comfortable within the design itself. The midsole is light and comfortable, while the heel tab provides perfect stability and although created for the streets, both colorways could easily transfer to a runway at the height of fashion week.

J rocks the Puma Thunder Desert in white, styled with baby blue Topman trousers and a white Weekday hoodie. While C rocks the Puma Thunder Spectra with boohooMan joggers and a red Weekday hoodie.

The Thunder Collection can be purchased here.